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ESET  EDR is the Challenger in Gartner’s 2020  Magic Quadrant & Forrester 2020 Enterprise Architecture.

Key points of Gartner's report include: Detailed analysis of the endpoint protection market including growth factors and challenges.
Unbiased, comparative evaluation of vendors in this space.
Specific criteria which assist in the selection of endpoint protection platforms.
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ESET Elite Targeted Attack Protection

Full-scale protection encompassing all ESET’s latest technologies and services for eliminating all known and unknown threats. Includes:

Endpoint Protection Platform
Cloud Sandbox Analysis
Endpoint Detection & Response
Manual Malware Analysis
Forensic Analysis & Consulting

ESET Targeted Attack Protection

Seamless prevention, detection and response solution, incorporating total visibility for remediation of any security issue in the network. Includes:

Endpoint Protection Platform
Cloud Sandbox Analysis
Endpoint Detection & Response

ESET Endpoint Protection

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"ESET delivers the fastest, most effective antivirus software with spyware and malware protection available to combat viruses, spyware, rootkits and other internet attacks, keeping your identity and data safe from hackers and thieves". Enjoy speed, detection and usability from a partner you can trust!

System Optimization - ESET - Windows 10 & Windows Server 2019 Ready!

With a light footprint and fast scanning speeds, ESET NOD32 Antivirus is "lean and mean," typically using just 44 MB of memory – a fraction of what other products consume.

Comprehensive Endpoint Protection

Offering comprehensive antimalware protection for your business systems, ESET Endpoint Security with ESET Remote Administrator gives you the confidence that comes with complete endpoint protection and control. ESET Endpoint Security, powered by proven ESET NOD32® offers fast, light, proactive antimalware defense combined with robust web and device management features to take the uncertainty out of your business’s endpoint defense.

Key Benefits

Light on Your System: Engineered to use minimal system resources, ESET Endpoint Security ensures applications run more efficiently, files load quicker and systems boot faster.

Protection from Emerging Threats: ESET ThreatSense® technology uses industry-leading heuristic malware detection to keep your business systems safe from known and emerging threats while keeping false positives to a minimum.

Defend and Control Web Access: ESET Endpoint Security controls website access, enabling you to enforce Internet usage polices, while protecting your network against inbound and outbound security breaches with a two-way firewall.

Secure Removable Media: ESET Endpoint Security controls and scans removable media and devices for malware, closing a key vulnerability in your network.


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ESET Online Scanner

ESET Online ScannerTry our free online scanner to find out what viruses, spyware and other malware your current antivirus solution let slip through!  Scan now.

ESET SECURITY & ANTIVIRUS for Mac OS - NEW!  Mac world protection !

Three pillars of ESET's unique combined technology

ESET Live Grid 


ESET LiveGrid® is a preventative system that gathers information about threats from ESET users around the world. The LiveGrid® database contains reputation information about potential threats. Our system detects and blocks any that have been recently introduced, making it highly effective against rapidly changing threats.

ESET - Machine Learning

Machine Learning

ESET's in-house machine learning engine uses the combined power of neural networks (deep learning and long short-term memory) and handpicked algorithms to generate a consolidated output and correctly label incoming samples as clean, potentially unwanted or malicious.

ESET - Human Expertise

Human Expertise

ESET's world-class security researchers in 13 globally distributed R&D centers share our knowledge and intelligence to ensure superior ongoing threat intelligence. Read their expert analyses of cybersecurity news in our corporate blog and in

ESET Enterprise Endpoint Protection Security
Remote Administrator | Antivirus | Antispyware

ESET NOD32 Endpoint Protection Antivirus includes ESET's updated Remote Administrator to deliver a highly scalable enterprise-ready defense against malware.

With industry leading proactive malware detection, ESET reduces your attack surface, reducing help-desk loads. And because it's blazing fast, it can even extend the useful life of PCs and laptops. By delivering state-of-the-art endpoint security, ESET is an easy way to improve your security while driving your TCO down and your ROI up.

ESET adds many new features, including:

  • More powerful endpoint management
  • Removable device security
  • SSL and HTTPS scanning
  • Faster endpoint scanning
  • Intrusion prevention and self-defense technology
  • Powerful system inspection and recovery tools

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Advanced Remote Management

The ESET PROTECT CONSOLE  easily synchronizes with your existing Active Directory Structure, and provides a policy manager, notification manager and remote installation features to save time for your IT staff. Delivers instant alerts when intervention is needed. Allows assignment of different privileges to different users through role-based administration. Reporting via web-based dashboard enables monitoring network security anywhere, anytime.

Proactive Malware Detection

Protects your mission-critical infrastructure during the critical period following a malware outbreak. Advanced heuristics technology protects your endpoints and prevents malicious code from penetrating your network.

High Performance Scanning

Features high scanning speeds and a small system footprint to preserve your computer’s performance, keep company computers running smoothly and extend the lifetime and usability of your hardware.

Device Control

Ensures that all files stored on DVDs, CDs and USB thumb and external drives don’t pose a threat, especially those launched automatically. Blocks unauthorized media and devices according to your custom rules/parameters.

Web Control

Limits website access by category and user group so you can ensure enforcement of company policies intended to maximize security compliance and worker productivity.

Smart Firewall

Prevents unauthorized access to company network. Easy setup, powerful customization rules and intelligent learning mode to automatically create firewall rules based on observed network traffic. Pair customized firewall profiles with trusted network zones.

Enhanced Email Filtering

Effectively screens your end-user inboxes for spam, phishing attacks and unsolicited e-mail messages. White/black lists and self-learning can be set up separately for each client or group. Native support for Microsoft Outlook enhances protection (POP3, IMAP, MAPI, HTTP) from online threats without additional work from you.

Encrypted Communication Scanning

Advanced detection of stealthy malware by thoroughly scanning the contents of secure HTTPS and POP3S protocols, and compressed files.

Free Technical Support

ESET's technical support team is readily available when you need help free of charge.


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