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The SIMPLE Solution for your needs! ACRONIS CYBER BACKUP ADVANCED...

CIOs and Administrators sleep better after they deploy Acronis Cyber Backup Advanced Suite in their  environments!

Acronis Cyber Backup Helps IT Keep the Business Running

Businesses can be at risk of losing important data. Lost data leads to costly downtime, customer dissatisfaction, regulatory fines, and lost revenue. As a result, the IT pros must meet extremely high expectations. You need to keep the company running 24-hours a day.

Acronis Cyber Backup delivers the data protection that meets today’s demands. It keeps your business running, protecting any workload, scaling without limits, and saving you money.

Dual-Destination Backups When enabled, automatically places an additional copy of the backup being created on a local drive or network share or Cloud.

0ffice 365 & Exchange Users of Acronis Office 365 & Microsoft Exchange can now access Exchange-specific functions from within the Acronis Management Console.
Advanced Deduplication
The Acronis
 Deduplication  provides affordable file and block level software deduplication capability for workstations and servers, helping organizations of all sizes maximize use of their storage infrastructure, while saving costs and increasing capacity.

With the Acronis deduplication option, cut data storage requirements by 90% or more, by eliminating replicas of the same file or block on either the source or target.

Acronis Cyber Backup saves storage costs and network bandwidth!
ACRONIS (Acronis Puerto Rico)  ACRONIS ( Puerto Rico)ACRINIS ( Puerto Rico)
Simple, Capable, Flexible & Fast...
Centralized Backup & Recovery Solution for Virtual & Physical Environments 21 Platforms Protected!

Acronis® Cyber Backup Advanced 12.5 & Cyber Protect Advanced 15 
Complete and Flexible New Generation Data Protection
with Acronis Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Any Protection:
Data Backup, Bare Metal Restore, Migration, System Deployment

Any Devices: Servers, Workstations, Mobile Devices, Phones, Tablets

Any Servers: Virtual and Physical

Any OS Environments: Windows, Linux, MAC OS, iOS, Android

Any File System: NTFS, ReFS, FAT16/32, Ext2/3/4, ReiserFS3, XFS, JFS and more

Any Virtual Environments: VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, RHEV, Parallels, ORACLE Virtualization & more

Any Migration: V2V, V2P, P2V, P2P

Any Applications: MS Exchange, MS SQL Server, SharePoint, Active Directory, Oracle, Office 365

Any Storage Locations: Cloud , On-Premise and Remote Offices

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Protect Business-Applications (MS Exchange, SharePoint, ActiveDirectory, SQL, Oracle, iOS, Linux, MAC OS, Android - Http:// - Puerto Rico)
Complete Business Protection 21 Platforms

Achieve Optimum Flexibility in Data Protection on Http:// - Puerto Rico)
Achieve Optimum Flexibility in Data Protection

Resiliency to failures
Reconnection options will automatically attempt to connect to a group server or backup server if it goes offline. Makes servers more resilient to network failures.
Retry unavailable machine if backup can't be completed. If a backup destination location can't be reached or is otherwise unavailable, the program will attempt to reach the location at a specified time interval until it can complete the backup.

Enhanced FTP & SFTP support FTP & SFTP can be used in Active Mode and its default port can be changed. This adds active mode support to existing Basic Mode support.

AnyData Technology
Acronis AnyData technology provides advanced backup and recovery capabilities specifically engineered to meet the needs of small and medium IT environments. Acronis’ disk image backup technology enables a single-pass backup that captures data at the block level, is smart enough to eliminate unused blocks, and can recover individual files & folders, application data, or an entire server in minutes. There is no need to run multiple backups to support various recovery capabilities with Acronis.

Single-Pass Backups for SQL Server
Acronis Backup Advanced for SQL Server applies Acronis’ unique, image-based backup technology to protect your entire SQL Server environment in one simple step. By integrating with SQL, we can also quickly locate and backup specific SQL database files (.mdf, .ndf, .ldf), regardless of where they reside—even in different volumes or NAS locations.


Acronis Cyber Backup Advanced allows you to:

Create an exact Windows server disk image, including the operating system, databases, and applications;

Migrate your systems between any virtual and physical servers quickly and easily.

After a system crash Acronis Backup Advanced Suite allows you to perform an entire server restore in just minutes, not hours or days. Complete system restoration can be performed to an existing system or to a new system with different hardware, as well as to a virtual server.

Based on exclusive Acronis Drive Snapshot technology, Acronis allows you to create backups without interrupting server operations, providing 24 x 7 x 365 availability.

Restore to dissimilar hardware with Acronis Universal Restore


Backup_Any_Data_Any_Where PtoP VtoV PtoV VtoP any 21 Platforms Supported

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Solutions for Small & Medium Business

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AcronisCloud Directly from Acronis Console ( - Acronis Puerto Rico)

Acronis Cloud Backup
Unlike most cloud backup vendors, Acronis offers bare-metal recovery from the cloud. You can recover an entire machine to the same or dissimilar hardware, or recover individual files from the same image backup. You can also create file-level backups if you wish.

Acronis supports Windows and Linux operating systems with agentless backups for VMware vSphere and Hyper-V environments, with an unlimited number of VMs, backup both physical and virtual environments.

If you already work with Acronis Backup for local backup of your physical and virtual machines, adding Acronis Backup to Cloud is a snap because the two solutions are completely integrated. One console seamlessly manages all of your backup and recovery efforts regardless of the data’s actual location.


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Acronis® BCyber Backup Advanced  for Hyper-V, VMware, IBM, Parallels, ...

Delivers flexibility and value in disaster recovery for IT organizations working with large volumes of virtual machines.

Acronis Backup Advanced Suite

Onsite system protection and disaster recovery solution for Windows servers.

Acronis Backup Advanced for Linux Server

Onsite system protection and disaster recovery solution for Linux servers.

Acronis® Cyber Backup Advanced for Exchange

When your Exchange Server goes down, every second counts. Nothing is faster or more secure than Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange.

Acronis® Backup Advanced for Share Point

Fast and reliable disaster recovery solution to protect your Share Point Complete Structure.

Acronis® Backup Advanced for SQL

Fast and reliable disaster recovery solution to protect your SQL database.

Acronis® Backup Advanced for PC

Comprehensive system and data protection solution for networked desktop PCs and laptops.

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