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There's an easier way for small businesses to communicate.

Introducing Microsoft® Response Point™, revolutionary phone system software.

Microsoft® Response Point™ is revolutionary phone system software designed for small businesses. Easy to use and manage, Response Point is delivered on intuitive hardware from Syspine--a complete solution in one affordable package.

Set up and make changes in minutes. The user-friendly administrator software lets average PC users complete moves, changes, or additions with a few mouse clicks.
Access features with your voice. A breakthrough voice-activated user interface lets you tell your phone what to do.
Add up to 50 phones as your business grows. The system expands to meet your needs, with no additional licensing fees.

See how easy a small business phone system can be.

 Finally, there's a small business phone system designed to meet your needs. Delivered on leading-edge hardware, Microsoft Response Point is innovative phone system software that's easy to use, manage, and grow, helping you save time and money with:

· Automated Receptionist
· Innovative voice recognition  technology
· Quick user setup
· VoIP-enabled
· Hardware by Aastra, Quanta Syspine, and D-Link
· New Service Pack 1 for current customers
  Contact Us:
Voice : 787-396-8091

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