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EnCase® Enterprise software virtually eliminates manual processes, the need to take machines offline and the need for third-party investigative tools. It integrates seamlessly with your current systems, allowing you to harness the power of your network to perform forensic-level audits and investigations, eDiscovery and incident response.


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Protect PC, Linux, Files Servers, Exchange, Domino Servers, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, XP, Vista, Windows7 , protect your Mobile Devices... and more!


UNPARALLELED REMEDIATION CAPABILITIES: the only tool that can quickly pinpoint relevant data, both volatile and static, across multiple file systems, and surgically extract, kill or wipe remotely and without disruption.

DETAILED REPORTING AND ANALYSIS: define with detailed granularity what information is analyzed or collected and how it is presented. Almost all information revealed by EnCase® software can be exported into various file formats.

SMART EVIDENCE COLLECTION: No other forensic tool gives organizations the ability to conduct targeted keyword searches to forensically preserve only the relevant evidence without capturing the entire hard drive.

FORENSICALLY SOUND: court-validated EnCase® software is the industry-standard solution for acquisition, preservation and analysis of computer evidence.


AUTOMATED, TARGETED eDISCOVERY: automates eDiscovery collection & processing, with forensically sound, targeted searches that cull at the point of collection.

INCIDENT RESPONSE CAPABILITIES: proactively and reactively scan your network and remediate any anomalies. Find and remediate zero-day events and other malicious code — identify and destroy hidden processes and hooks used by rootkits.

UNMATCHED SECURITY AUDITING CAPABILITIES: in addition to scanning the volatile data of 30,000 machines per hour, EnCase® Enterprise provides the deepest most comprehensive audit of your system to identify unknown threats and allows complete remediation by eliminating unknown or unacceptable executables.


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Internet Safety for kids / Tips and suggestions:

The Internet is a wonderful tool for the acquisition of the information you need. It also represents a threat when used inappropriately. Protect your children. Know the facts. Employ Internet safety for kids. Here are some websites that will give you guidance on how to protect your children when they are On-Line.

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